Monday, June 25, 2012

First figures ordered

Last week, I ordered the first figures for this project and am eagerly awaiting their arrival. They are all from, the first time I have used this supplier.

I got six of the following bowmen. Only 2 are needed for the first scenario, but the game needs 6 in total, so I thought I'd buy them all at the same time:


My first break from the counter depictions, was the  choice to buy peasants with pitchforks instead of staffs (or should that be staves?). Basically I just think it looks a lot better! I needed 3 of these.


The next 'deviation' was my choice to buy peasants with flails instead of ones with swords. I struggled to find ones with swords and felt the flails were quite appropriate. Also, the ones with swords didn't have a significantly higher attack value than the ones armed with a staff, so I decided it was not a big deal. 3 of these went in the shopping basket.


Another issue came up when I saw that 3 of the peasants were armed with swords and bucklers. Unlike the sword/flail substitution, I could not really justify a switch in this case as the counters armed thus have a higher defence value than the other peasants. I opted for a figure which, although not technically a peasant, should be okay when painted up in 'peasanty' colours. Again, 3 of these were required.


If there was a single good reason for going with the range offered at, it was that they offered two figures which were exactly what I required.

The peasant by the name of 'Gam' is armed with a polearm and it just so happens that sell a peasant armed with a bill. Perfect for what I wanted. Gam is a bit of a powerhouse among the peasants, with a whopping 7 strength. Such a character deserves a figure to match.


Similarly, Gobin has a unique depiction for a peasant, being a stout fellow with a large club.  Although the figure I found was not of particularly robust physique, it did have a club, and that was good enough for me.


So that covers all 11 peasants and 6 shortbowmen. Looking forward to getting on with painting these when they arrive!


  1. They look pretty good.

    I had an idea for showing the figures' status which was to base them on a small washer and place it on a slightly larger disc, perhaps magnetic, with HEALTHY on the outer edge which could then be replaced with one saying WOUNDED when necessary. If both were textured to blend in it could look quite nifty.

  2. Thanks. I think they'll do the job when they are painted up. I plan on posting comparison shots for each figure, with an image of the painted figure next to an image of its token.

    I like your basing idea. I'm going to stick to simple markers for now and focus on getting the figures done. I'm not going to texture the bases as they will need the figure stats and name written on, but this might also change in the future depending on how the project goes.

  3. sounds good so far. Look forward to seeing these painted up (when they arrive)

    1. I like how you have put 'when they arrive' in brackets... Makes you sounds sceptical that they will arrive in good time. Have you experienced bad service from

      Hope not! :)

  4. The figures finally arrived today! Look out for an update soon!