Thursday, June 21, 2012

Considerations before starting

Now that I have decided to carry on with this project, I need to sort out a couple of things before diving in.

  • Manufacturers: I think Donnington will be used to supply many of my figures, as I have had good experience with them in the past, but am open to other suggestions. I have had Miniature Figurines suggested to me already as a supplier for a figure for Phillip the Peddler, which I was expecting to be hard to find. Although I suspect that the figure is of a female... Also looking at ranges from, Essex and Irregular.

  •  Basing: This is always going to be an issue with this game. I am going to base the figures on squares of thick card the same size as the counters, but need to decide if I will be recording the information on the bases. As I am only gong to be using the figures for this project, I am currently leaning towards yes, although I could just write on the name and record the rest on a record sheet. I will probably paint the bases green rather than to match the hex boards. If I change my mind later this can always be altered.

  • Precision: I have decided I am not gong to try and match the figures 100% as that would likely be a thankless and almost impossible task. This will make life a lot easier and the figure should look fine so long as it is painted in the correct way. I will try and be accurate as much as possible, but realise there are limits. Variety is also a reason. The peasant counters have one or two distinct characters, but several are the same except for the colours. I will likely retain the colour scheme but make use of the range of peasant figures available and have some armed with flails, pitchforks etc.
Ultimately, however, this is supposed to be a fun and reasonably light-hearted project, so with these considerations in mind, I think I am all set to go.

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